Virtual Enzee webcast roundup for 2016

By Cindy Russell

The first Virtual Enzee webcast of 2016 is scheduled for January 29th!  I will be updating this blog during 2016 so you have a handy resource to find out what sessions are upcoming and also listen to the replays on demand.

  1. Unifying Data Access across the Logical Data Warehouse with IBM Fluid Query
    IBM Fluid Query helps bring your enterprise into focus and eliminate some of the traditional barriers that exist between Fluid query enzee for wordpressdisparate data in your enterprise. In this session, we’ll review some common user stories for using Fluid Query through the lens of PureData System for Analytics/Netezza and BigInsights. Register here:|

  3. Tame Spatial Queries with Netezza In-Database Analytics
    Attend this Virtual Enzee to learn how Netezza supports spatial data types and queries, how it can shorten complex spatial analytic projects and how it integrates with and complements existing geospatial platforms and solutions.  Register:

  5. Accelerating Open-Source R with IBM PureData System for Analytics (Netezza), January 29, 2016 at 11AM ET
    R is increasingly becoming the platform and programming language of choice for many data scientists. learn how you can leverage Open-Source R on your IBM PureData System for Analytics/Netezza appliances! Register here: