What’s new: Netezza Platform Software and INZA software for PureData Systems for Analytics

by Doug Dailey

The IBM PureData Systems for Analytics team has just released a new set of enhancements over current software versions of Netezza Platform Software (NPS), INZA and IBM Fluid Query. These include enhanced  integration, security, real-time analytics for z Systems and usability features, all included in our latest software suite that has been posted on Fix Central.

There will be something here for everyone, whether you are looking to increase security, gain more leverage with DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS*, improve your day-to-day experience or integrate PureData System (Netezza technology) into a Logical Data Warehouse. This post covers the new capabilities and enhancements in NPS 7.2.1 and INZA 3.2.1 software.  Refer to my IBM Fluid Query 1.6 post  for more information.

Strengthening end-to-end security for PureData and DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS

With the advent of self-encrypted disk drives in our N3001 model, we laid the groundwork for securing data at rest. Not only do you have state of the art disk encryption keys by Seagate and Hitachi at work from a hardware standpoint, but you also have added peace of mind through a second tier of security that protects host drives and those drives associated with the Snippet Processing Unit. A local keystore with flexible CLI on the N3001 system enabled you to protect your most valuable assets. This release adds support for KMIP, which now allows 3rd party and IBM targeted key management software to backup, store and manage host and SPU keys on your system. Additional attention was paid to hardening the host systems for the DB2 Analytics Accelerator powered by PureData.

Speaking of DB2 Analytics Accelerator, this release of NPS provides key functionality recently added to DB2 Analytics Accelerator in version 5.1 which incorporates Netezza Analytics as a core component to help accelerate the use of predictive analytics applications (e.g., SPSS) such as data mining and in-database modeling. By extending support for the mainframe EBCDIC code to INZA software with support for new sets of procedures, you can run real-time analytics on DB2 Analytics Accelerator and establish work areas for data scientists. In-database transformation supports IBM DataStage balanced optimization and ETL/ELT consolidation processing.

This optimized, integrated appliance has been hardened to not only support self-encrypting drives available through PureData Systems for Analytics N3001 systems, but it now accounts for encryption of data-in-motion by encrypting network with the mainframe, FIPS-enabled RHEL, LFTP and secure VPN. Updated performance around continuous load operations better supports enterprise clients running highly concurrent trickle-feed loads under heavy processing of simultaneous mixed workloads to ensure faster data synchronization and TTV for insights. EBCDIC support for Netezza Analytics provides the ability to execute sophisticated in-database algorithms on DB2 Analytics Accelerator that allow micro-analytics across transactional, historical and real-time data.  NPS software now supports the following algorithms: Decision Tree, Regression Tree, Naïve Bayes, K-means Clustering and Two-Step Clustering.

PureData IDAA images

Making life easier through an improved User Experience

If these aren’t enough, we also targeted some areas to improve overall user experience by providing tooling and support that will make life easier for DBAs, system administrators and application developers:

  • Improved throughput and consistency for trickle-feed and highly concurrent smaller load operations.
  • nzload enhancements reduce TTV and shorten ETL activities; recordDelimiter, newline, timestamp, merge, datedelim, timedelim, and monitor.
  • New merge capability improves RI and positions Oracle migrations to PureData System.
  • nzSQL for Windows greatly improves usability for managing PureData System from the Windows desktop environment.
  • nzSQL support for external remote tables allows users to run load/unload operations from Linux clients to/from a remote file rather than host-only loads.
  • PureData will natively support Microsoft .NET and open a new range of possibilities for partner solutions.
  • JDBC support for JDK 1.7. in both NPS and INZA software ensures support for latest Hadoop distributions and also for Fluid Query.
  • New 64-bit BNR connectors are now certified for the latest versions of Tivoli, Netbackup and EMC.
  • PureData improves uptime by reducing requirements to stop and start NPS when user connections are exceeded.
  • ODBC support is now available for comments through DSN, odbc.ini and connection string (single, multi, inline, nested comments), as well as support for the LIMIT clause.

SQL enhancements

We’ve incorporated support for newer Client Kit OS versions and platforms with this release. Support for Windows 8, Windows 2012 R2, Ubuntu, and a completely new Power PC RHEL client for Little Endian. Support for Power on Little Endian positions PureData Systems for IBM BigInsights and the IBM Open Platform. We have also included additional SQL support for:

  • Support for DROP TABLE IF EXISTS
  • Single slice support for JOINS with multi-column distribution keys
  • SQL push-down of NULL aware
  • New table-based Zone Maps

Client download of these new releases

NPS 7.2.1 and INXA 3.2.1 software is available at no charge to existing PureData clients. It can be easily downloaded from IBM Support Fix Central. Note that business partners and prospective clients can download and explore these new releases on Netezza Developer Network (additional information below).

fluid query download from fix central

Packaging and distribution

From a packaging perspective we refreshed IBM Netezza Platform Developer Software to this latest NPS 7.2.1 release to ensure the software suite is current from IBM’s Passport Advantage.

Supported Appliances Supported Software
  • N3001
  • N2002
  • N2001
  • N100x
  • C1000
  • Netezza Platform Software v7.2.1
  • Netezza Client Kits v7.2.1
  • Netezza SQL Extension Toolkit v7.2.1
  • Netezza Analytics v3.2.1
  • IBM Fluid Query v1.6
  • Netezza Performance Portal v2.1.1
  • IBM Netezza Platform Development Software v7.2.1

For the Netezza Developer Network we continue to expand the ability to easily pick up and work with non-warranted products for basic evaluation by refreshing the Netezza Emulator to NPS 7.2.1 with INZA 3.2.1. You will find a refresh of our non-warranted version of Fluid Query 1.6 and the complete set of Client Kits that support NPS 7.2.1.

NDN download button

Feel free to download and play with these as a prelude to PureData Systems for Analytics purchase or as a quick way to validate new software functionality with your application. We maintain our commitment to business partners working with our systems by maintaining the latest systems and software for you to access. Bring your application or solution and work to certify, qualify and validate them.

For additional information on Fluid Query 1.6, refer to my what’s new post.

* DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS is a high-performance appliance that integrates the IBM z Systems infrastructure with IBM PureData™ for Analytics, powered IBM Netezza technology. The solution transforms your mainframe into a highly-efficient transactional and analytics processing environment. This enables clients to exploit z Systems data where it originates.

Doug Daily About Doug,
Doug has over 20 years combined technical & management experience in the software industry with emphasis in customer service and more recently product management.He is currently part of a highly motivated product management team that is both inspired by and passionate about the IBM PureData System for Analytics product portfolio.


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