IBM’s Point of View on Data Warehouse Modernization  

By Louis T. Cherian,

The world of Data Warehousing continues to evolve, with an unimaginable amount of data being produced each moment and advancement of technologies that allow us to consume this data.  This provides new capabilities for organizations to make better informed business decisions, faster.
To take advantage of this opportunity in today’s era of Big Data and the Internet of things, our customers really need to have a solid Data Warehouse modernization strategy. Organizations should look to optimize with new technology and capabilities like:

  • in-memory databases,  to speed analytics,
  • Hadoop to analyze unstructured data to enhance existing analytics,
  • Data warehouse appliances with improved capabilities and performance

To understand more about the importance of Data Warehouse Modernization and to get answers to questions like:

  • What is changing in the world of Data Warehousing?
  • Why should customers act now and what should they do?
  • What is the need for companies to modernize their Data Warehouse?
  • How are IBM Data Warehousing Solutions able to address the need of Data Warehouse Modernization?

Watch this video by the IBM Data Warehousing team to know more about the breadth and depth of IBM Data Warehouse solutions. For more information, you can visit our website .

About Louis T. Cherian,

Louis T. Cherian is currently a member of the worldwide product marketing team at IBM that focuses on data warehouse and database technology. Prior to this role, Louis has held a variety of product marketing roles within IBM, and in Tata Consultancy Services, prior to joining IBM.  Louis has done his PGDBM from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, and also has an engineering degree in computer science from VTU Bangalore.



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