Leveraging In-Memory Computing For Fast Insights

By Louis T Cherian,

It is common knowledge that an in-memory database is fast, but what if you had an even faster solution?
Think of a next generation in-memory database, which is

  • Faster, with speed of thought analytics to get insights
  • Simpler, with reduced complexity and improved performance
  • Agile, with multiple deployment options and low risk for migration
  • Competitive, by delivering products to market much faster

We are talking about combination of innovations that make IBM BLU Acceleration, the next generation in-memory solution.

So, what really goes into making IBM BLU Acceleration, the next generation in-memory solution?

  • The in-chip analytics allows the data to flow through the CPU very quickly, making it faster than “conventional” in-memory solutions
  • With actionable compression, one can perform a broad range of operations on data, while it is still compressed
  • With data skipping, any data that is not needed to be touched to answer a query is skipped over and that results in dramatic performance improvements
  • The ability to run all operational reports on transactional data as it is captured with the help of shadow tables ,  arguably  the most notable feature in the  DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release”

To know more about leveraging in-memory computing for fast insights with IBM BLU Acceleration, watch this video: http://bit.ly/1BZq1lo

For more information, visit : http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/data-management-and-data-warehousing/dw.html

About Louis T. Cherian,

Louis T. Cherian is currently a member of the worldwide product marketing team at IBM that focuses on data warehouse and database technology. Prior to this role, Louis has held a variety of product marketing roles within IBM, and in Tata Consultancy Services, prior to joining IBM.  Louis has done his PGDBM from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, and also has an engineering degree in computer science from VTU Bangalore.


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