dashDB grows and improves in a flash!

By Dennis Duckworth, 

IBM® dashDB™ continues to grow and improve with some announcements made on December 18, 2014.  Additional plans are now available to everyone and new features have been included in dashDB.

New Deployment Options

  • Enterprise Plan available to all – The Enterprise Plan for dashDB is a dedicated cloud infrastructure with tera-scale capacity. This offering is now available to anyone. Contact your IBM Information Management Sales representative to get started!
  • Cloudant deployments of dashDB now offer higher capacity, paid usage plans – We are adding an Entry plan that is fully integrated with Cloudant supporting up to 50 GB of uncompressed data, for $50/month. The freemium offering for data usage below 1 GB will remain.
  • Expanded Geographic Presence – dashDB can now be deployed in our UK availability region in addition to our existing North American region.

New Cool and Useful Features

As a result of input from beta program participants, we have added new features to dashDB to make it even more useful:

  • Improved SQL Editor – The SQL query and editor capabilities have been expanded to allow a full range of SQL to be submitted via the web browser, including the ability to load and save SQL scripts. SQL validation and error checking is also included.

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  • Better Workload Monitoring – Get a much better idea of what’s running in your dashDB instance, including specific statements and connections. Set it to monitor in near real-time, drill into the details of a session, or terminate a session if needed.


  • Command Line Support – Sometimes, you need a command line interface for scripting and automation. dashDB now includes CLPPlus support – so you now get a command line user interface that lets you connect to databases and define, edit, and run statements, scripts, and commands.
  • UDX Support – Some applications or algorithms require user-defined functions (UDFs) and user-defined aggregates (UDAs). dashDB now supports these out of the box so you can implement and run your own algorithms right inside the database.

New Security Features and Capabilities

Data security is always a consideration, and dashDB now includes new security features:

  • SSL Support for all Connections – It’s not enough to automatically encrypt data at rest, we need to encrypt it in motion too. dashDB now supports SSL for all connections to the database.


  • Select Guardium Reports for all PlansdashDB now has bundled Guardium reports for all plans including the Enterprise and Cloudant integrated plans. This allows for automatic discovery of sensitive data, as well as access reports and details of SQL statements that were run against that data.


We will continue to add new features and capabilities to dashDB over the coming months, so watch this space!

If you have not started analyzing your data in dashDB, what are you waiting for? Get started with dashDB on Bluemix or Cloudant at dashDB.com.

About Dennis Duckworth

Dennis Duckworth, Program Director of Product Marketing for Data Management & Data Warehousing has been in the data game for quite a while, doing everything from Lisp programming in artificial intelligence to managing a sales territory for a database company. He has a passion for helping companies and people get real value out of cool technology. Dennis came to IBM through its acquisition of Netezza, where he was Director of Competitive and Market Intelligence. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University but has spent most of his life on the East Coast. When not working, Dennis enjoys sailing off his backyard on Buzzards Bay and he is relentless in his pursuit of wine enlightenment. You can follow Dennis on Twitter 


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