Data Warehousing – No assembly required

By Wendy Lucas,

In my last blog, I wrote about how big things come in small packages when talking about the great value that comes in the new PureData System for Analytics Mini Appliance.  I must be in the holiday spirit early because I’m going to stick with the holiday theme for this discussion.

Did youWL 1 ever receive a gift that had multiple components to it, maybe one that required a bunch of assembly before you got to truly enjoy the gift?   I’m not talking about Lincoln Logs (do they still sell those?) or Legos where the assembly is half the fun.

I’m talking about things like a child’s bicycle that comes with the frame, handle bar, wheels, tires, kickstand, seat, nuts and bolts as a bunch of parts inside a box.

What is more exciting? Receiving a box of parts or receiving the shiny red bicycle already assembled and ready to take for an immediate ride?

WL 2

In this world where we require instant satisfaction and immediate results, we don’t have time to assemble the bike. Do your system administrators have time to custom build a solution of hardware and software for your data warehouse?  Forget about that hardware and software being truly designed, integrated and optimized for analytic workloads.  What value are your users getting while the IT staff are doing that?  Do your DBAs have enough time to tune the system for every new data source that’s added or every new report requirement that one of your users needs?  We live in a world that demands agile response to changing requirements and immediate results.

Simple is still better for faster deployment

In this very complex world, simple solutions are better.  Just like the child preferring the bike that is already assembled and ready to go, the IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology has been delivering on the promise of simplicity and speed for over a decade.  Don’t just take my word for it.  In a recent study, International Technology Group compared costs and time to value with PureData compared to both Teradata and Oracle.[i]   They researched customers deploying all three solutions and had some notable findings.  While over 75% of PureData customers deployed their appliances in under 3 weeks, not a single Teradata customer deployed in that same time frame and only one Oracle customer achieved that window.

Simple is still better for lower costs

Not only is the data warehouse appliance simple to deploy but it is architected for speed with minimal tuning or administration.  The same studies found that Teradata has 3.8x and Oracle 3.5x higher deployment costs than PureData System for Analytics and use more DBA resources to maintain the system.

Simple is still better, and now even more secure

The PureData System for Analytics N3001 series that was just announced has the same speed and simplicity of it’s predecessors, but adds improved performance, self-encrypting drives and big data and business intelligence starter kits.  The self-encrypting drives encrypt all user and temp data for added security without any performance overhead or incremental cost to the appliance.

For more anecdotal examples of why simple is still better, watch this video or you can read this white paper or visit for more information.

[i] ITG: Comparing Costs and Time to Value with Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance, May 2014.

ITG: Comparing Costs and Time to Value with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3, June 2014.

About Wendy,

Wendy Lucas is a Program Director for IBM Data Warehouse Marketing. Wendy has over 20 years of experience in data warehousing and business intelligence solutions, including 12 years at IBM. She has helped clients in a variety of roles, including application development, management consulting, project management, technical sales management and marketing. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Capital University and you can follow her on Twitter at @wlucas001


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