dashDB is Here, and This Changes Everything for Data Warehousing on the Cloud

By Nancy Hensley

data warehosuing, analytics, dashDB, cloud, DaaS

I remember the days of actually selling the idea of a data warehouse to organizations, trying to convince them to leverage data to provide some insight to their business. Back then, it was a nice-to-have and we would celebrate every new customer in the “terabyte club”.

Now, I can’t help but laugh at that, because the little backup device on my desk is a terabyte. The fact is, things have changed. We have generated more data in the last few years than ever before and this data can be gold for our businesses. Gone are the days of convincing organizations that leveraging data is important, today it’s critical.

Data warehousing has seen a lot of disruption over the last decade but we did not get to the intersection of knowledge and opportunity fast enough. The architecture got too complex and we spent all our time managing performance and our businesses were losing the race.

Yes it’s a race. We have to spot trends faster, capitalize on opportunities before the competition, grow faster, optimize more, offer more services, be easy to do business with and be the best in class. To get there, you need analytics and you need them faster than ever before. Sometimes you just need the data warehouse infrastructure out of your way.

Something had to change to support the new business climate.

The good news is that something has changed. IBM has announced our latest disruption to change data warehousing for the better ….

Meet dashDB
dashDB is a data warehousing and analytics as a service offering on the cloud. dashDB offers robust analytics at incredibly fast processing speeds all in a cloud-easy format that lets you load and analyze data extremely quickly.

Yup it’s THAT EASY to win the race.

At the intersection of cloud technologies and analytics, dashDB represents the sweet spot for both IT and line of business professionals looking for a competitive edge in the data:

  • For IT professionals, dashDB helps quickly deliver solutions that the business needs without having to spend time with managing the infrastructure to serve a new request. dashDB works as part of the data warehousing strategy— no matter your starting point, from extending your on-premises warehouse to starting something completely new.
  • For line of business professionals, dashDB offers something you really need…self-service. That’s right, be the master of your own data kingdom. dashDB lets you load your data and get started with analytics in a couple of hours, taking the infrastructure out of your way. Yup, that’s right, out of your way. Imagine the possibilities! Got an idea? Go get it. Want a deeper understanding of your customers? No problem! Want to better predict challenges before they happen? We give you the keys to your crystal ball with best in class predictive capabilities.
  • For data science professionals, you can load data and work with queries, models and other analytics techniques without the hassle of CAPEX and dependencies on staff. dashDB includes R support, comes with an ecosystem of partners who provide specialized analytics capabilities and is Watson Analytics ready.

In short, it is pretty cool. So what is the technology behind the scenes that makes these fast, easy analytics possible? dashDB combines robust in-database analytic processing with in-memory technology that delivers a performance boost and the enterprise-class SoftLayer cloud infrastructure. dashDB is available on the Bluemix platform to work with a wide variety of data types, and there is a specialized version that works with Cloudant JSON data stores.

What are you waiting for? Get growing with dashDB at www.dashDB.com. You can start using dashDB as a freemium. Experience the future of data analytics. Deep analytics, fast processing and cloud-easy.


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