Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud — A Guide for Insight Attendees

By Adam Ronthal, 

IBM Insight, the premier conference for Big Data and Analytics is just around the corner, and sessions will include material on all of our data management solutions including DB2 with BLU Acceleration, and of course the PureData System for Analytics based on Netezza technology (which incidentally, just released a new version, the N3001!).

Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud, however, is a horse of a different color.  Yes, it’s still data warehousing, and yes, it’s still analytics, but it differs from traditional on-premises solutions in several key ways:

  • Cloud agility means rapid provisioning (think hours, not days)
  • Pay-as-you-go models mean a shift to operational expense rather than capital expense
  • “as a Service” means that end-users don’t worry about infrastructure, but can focus on business applications and problems

In short, cloud lets you focus on the business, rather than the business of IT, which is a very powerful message.

Almost everyone who is considering cloud already has on-premises systems, of course, so it is critical that a cloud-based solution play well not only for born-in-the-cloud applications, but also with the existing ground-based solutions we all know and love.  And that’s the promise of a properly architected and well thought out cloud based service for warehousing and analytics — portability!  The ability to use the same applications, tools, and analytic algorithms on the ground or in the cloud is what enables hybrid flexibility.

We used to look at the logical data warehouse as comprising both traditional structured database technologies and newer NoSQL technologies like Hadoop and streaming computing.   Now we are extending that to include new deployment options as well.  Databases and NoSQL, ground to cloud, all treated as a logical cohesive whole.

Come find out more about our exciting new Data Warehouse and Analytics as a Service offerings at Insight:

Elective Sessions

  • IWM-4857A: Spotlight Session: Modernizing Your Data Warehouse for Big Data & Bigger Results (Monday, 2-3 PM in South Seas F)
  • FTC-4285A: Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud: IBM’s New Data Warehousing Service (Tuesday, 3-4PM in Islander E)
  • IWM-4637A: Advanced Warehouse Analytics in the Cloud (Monday 3:30-4:30 in Jasmine C)
  • IDB-6062A: Data Warehousing in the Cloud – a practical deployment guide (Wed, 10-11AM in South Seas C)
  • IWS-6952A: Enzee Universe Part 2: Business Update and Product Strategy (Sunday 1-6pm in South Seas F)
  • IWS-7043A: Expert Exchange: Data Warehousing & Analytics in the Cloud (Tuesday, 10-11AM in Banyan B)

I’ll be presenting at some of these, but present at all of them (time permitting) at IBM Insight 2014, so come find me in Vegas and we can catch up!

About Adam,

Adam Ronthal has worked in the technology industry for 20 years in technical operations, system administration, and data warehousing and analytics. In 2006, Adam joined Netezza as a Technical Account Manager, working with some of IBM Netezza’s largest data warehousing and analytic customers and helping them architect and implement their Netezza-based solutions. Today, Adam works in technical marketing for the IBM’s big data, cloud, and appliance offerings. Adam is an IBM Certified Specialist for Netezza, and holds a BA from Yale University. Follow Adam on twitter @ARonthal


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