DB2 BLU in Action at Boots UK Limited

By Larry Heathcote,

Businesses cannot operate effectively today without good, timely and accurate insights into data. This is no more true, and important, than in the pharmaceutical industry. Clinical research, drug interactions, patient history and many other considerations are vitally important when the health and wellness of individuals is the goal. And for pharmaceutical businesses, providing the right mix of health, wellness and beauty products to their customer base is key to customer loyalty and long term success.

Boots UK Limited is a pharmacy-led health and beauty chain with approximately 2500 outlets in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Healthcare in Boots is not just about dispensing prescriptions, but also about offering expert advice to all patients and customers, ensuring they get top quality patient care in a location that is convenient to them.

Accessing and analyzing data and providing fast insights to internal staff as well as external users is central to providing the kind of services and care that Boots is known for. Boots looked to IBM to help them improve on an already impressive data and analytics infrastructure. Their goal was to provide analytics, dashboards and reports to all pharmacists, care workers and staff to give them the information they need – faster and easier than ever before.

Boots awarded IBM the “Design and Build” project for a new self-service analytics platform. The solution consisted of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration software and IBM eServer xSeries hardware.

Session IWS-4217A “The First UK Client Implementation of IBM DB2 BLU” (Tuesday, October 28 from 10:00am – 11:00am, in the Data Warehousing in the Era of Big Data track), highlights how the solution was designed, built and implemented at Boots. The presentation will dive into the process and experiences in delivering the solution, as well as explore the user experience and performance gains of the new analytics platform. Attend this session at IBM Insights 2014 to learn more about how Boots achieved their goals of empowering individuals with speed-of-thought analytics and insights.

Session Details: 

  • Session Title : IWS-4217A: The First UK Client Implementation of IBM DB2 BLU
  • Track: Data Warehousing in the Era of Big Data
  • SubTrack: Data Warehouse Software and Appliances
  • Date and Time : Tue Oct 28 ( 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. )
  • Abstract: Boots UK Limited is a pharmacy chain in the United Kingdom, with outlets in most high streets throughout the country and in the Republic of Ireland. IBM Software Group Services won the “Design and Build” services project for a new self-service analytics platform. This platform will support the provision of analytical data by using train-of-thought analytics, dashboards and reports to internal staff and external users who are not employed by Boots. The platform is based on IBM eServer xSeries and IBM DB2 BLU. This presentation describes the DB2 BLU solution that was designed, built and implemented for Boots. It highlights some of the challenges associated with the delivery of this platform, especially around user performance.
  • IBM Insight Link to register :  http://www-01.ibm.com/software/events/insight/

About Larry Heathcote,

Larry Heathcote is a Program Director for IBM’s Data Management portfolio. Over a 20+ year history, Larry has held a number of positions in both startups and F500 companies, with the majority of his time focused on marketing strategy, planning and execution for information management software and systems. He holds an MSEE/CS from Northwestern University and an MBA from Duke University. He is an active evangelist for data management, data warehousing and business analytics, and is a frequent speaker at both IBM and third-party conferences. Larry brings a unique blend of business and technical aspects to his presentations, helping his audience learn why and how technical capabilities make a real difference in business performance. You can follow him on @larryheathcote.


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