Experience Migrating a Data Warehouse from Oracle to DB2

By Larry Heathcote,

I’m really looking forward to IBM Insight2014, and especially to attending the session IWM-6474: “Experience Migrating a Data Warehouse from Oracle to DB2”. I want to see how that migration was accomplished, how long it took, and what benefits were achieved.

I’ve always been interested in mining data to get insights. Insights help me look at business situations in a different light and guide me in making better decisions faster…and in today’s hyper-competitive business climate, it’s all about speed-to-action or speed-to-decision.

But quite often, I find it extremely frustrating that the performance of my analytic queries is just not fast enough. When I have to wait for query results, that wait takes me completely out of my mental state…I have to move on to other tasks and get absorbed in a completely different train of thought. Then, when results do come back, I have to interrupt the next thing I moved to and force myself to get back into the mindset of my original task. Frustrating to say the least, but this negatively impacts my work productivity and that is something I cannot afford.

I’ve heard the claims of xx% faster performance (xx% varies) that many clients experience after migrating their data warehouse environment from Oracle to IBM DB2, and I’ve learned about the business impact that better performance had for users. I get that. Makes sense to me.

What I am really excited about is to see how one of these migrations took place. Call me weird, but I’ve always been interested in what drives change – why change, why now? I’d like to know answers to questions like, what was the tipping point that forced the client to look for an alternative solution? Was it user performance related (like slow queries impacting users like me), was it IT related (too many DBA’s needed to tune performance), or was it application related (too many changes needed to applications every time the data warehouse changed underneath)? I want to see who identified the main issues that created the change.

And then, once the decision to change was made, what process did a client go through to migrate to DB2? Was it easy or hard? Fast or slow? On schedule and budget or over? What “gotcha’s” did the client experience along the way? How easy was it to change applications to the DB2 platform?

These are some of the many questions I have. Call me strange, but I am so looking forward to this session to learn about one client’s real experience migrating from an Oracle data warehouse environment to DB2. Check out session IWM-6474, “Experience Migrating a Data Warehouse from Oracle to DB2” in the Data Warehouse Modernization and Architecture track. See you in Las Vegas at Insight2014!

Session Details: 

  • Title : “Experience Migrating a Data Warehouse from Oracle to DB2”
  • Subtracks : Data Warehouse Modernization and Architecture
  • Session # : IWM-6474
  • Title Abstract : Experiences Migrating a Data Warehouse from Oracle to DB2. Salzgitter AG, one of Europe’s leading steel and technology companies has a data warehouse containing data from their production processes. This data warehouse is called the “Technical Data Warehouse” (TDW) and was originally implemented on Oracle. This presentation shows why Salzgitter decided to move away from Oracle and migrate to DB2.  It will also be demonstrated how the migration was done, what experiences were gained, and the improvements achieved after the migration.         
  • Speaker Info : Sebastian Mundt, Salzgitter AG, Head DWH;Andreas Weininger, IBM, Leading Technical Sales Professional
  • Insight Link : http://www-01.ibm.com/software/events/insight/

About Larry Heathcote,

Larry Heathcote is a Program Director for IBM’s Data Management portfolio. Over a 20+ year history, Larry has held a number of positions in both startups and F500 companies, with the majority of his time focused on marketing strategy, planning and execution for information management software and systems. He holds an MSEE/CS from Northwestern University and an MBA from Duke University. He is an active evangelist for data management, data warehousing and business analytics, and is a frequent speaker at both IBM and third-party conferences. Larry brings a unique blend of business and technical aspects to his presentations, helping his audience learn why and how technical capabilities make a real difference in business performance. You can follow him on @larryheathcote


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