Why is BLU Acceleration the next generation of in-memory computing?

Eight features that make BLU Acceleration faster, simpler and more agile.

Summary of a blog post by Amit Patel, Program Director IBM Data Warehousing solutions

When it comes to in-memory computing, there is brute force of loading massive data sets into memory for processing.  This requires a significant hardware investment. Even with the price of memory declining, this is still an expensive proposition for gaining speed of analytic results.

This is where BLU Acceleration comes in with a series of eight features that make it a next generation in-memory database. These include:

  • Dynamically keeping active data in memory
  • Prefetching data without needing to load massive data sets into memory
  • Intelligent data skipping for processing at even faster than in-memory speeds
  • RAM is to slow… In-chip is the way to go
  • A higher octave of data compression, called actionable compression
  • SIMD processing, which makes the most of advanced processor designs to move the data through quickly
  • Load and go simplicity
  • And pricing innovations that let you pay for what you analyze

Read the details of the BLU Acceleration technology and you will understand what truly sets it apart as the next generation of in-memory computing.


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