Modernizing the Data Warehouse Client Experience

By Nancy Hensley,

The world of Data Warehousing continues to evolve.  Not only are users clamoring for analytics that run as fast as you can think but they also want better consumability and improved accessibility.  Basically- consumers of the data warehouse want superfast analytics that are very accessible, on demand, and highly simplified.

Ten years ago we all would have fallen off our chair at that request.  Data Warehouses were big, complex and expensive.  We were so busy managing them it was tough to keep the consumers of the warehouse happy. The challenge of the traditional warehouse stemmed from time to value, the ability to expand analytic services, speed and cost.  Because of those challenges, most organizations limited data warehouse services to business analysts, data scientists and a few savvy departments.  But that wasn’t the goal when we started the journey of data warehousing.

The idea of analytics for everyone was always the goal of data warehousing, however complexity slowed us down dramatically. The operational side of our clients needed real time performance with very low latency while many business units wanted complex reporting and analysis.  The combination of the two workloads made the architecture complex and difficult to manage both service levels and performance.

Time to value for data warehousing  got a significant boost with the introduction of the appliance and we were able to deliver services in days as opposed to months.  Complex reporting and in-database performance improved and in-memory allowed for analysis as fast as you can think.  All that said and improvements made, while the data warehouse appliance continues to provide great value and performance, the demand for analytics continues to grow at a rate that is usually greater than IT staff and budgets can keep up with.  The real value of the data warehouse is only realized when you can deliver business intelligence more pervasively across your business and to all touchpoints in your operations.  The traditional data warehouse model is challenged in it’s ability to scale to support this goal. 

Self-service has also become an increasingly important requirement.  The ability to seize the moment and do what if analysis, examine the competitive landscape, understand in real time brand sentiment or other short term requests that are difficult to accommodate in the on- premise world.  Hardware needs to be procured and performance of current analytics cannot be compromised to meet these more short term but important needs of self service.

Enter the Cloud in the world of Data Warehousing

As Data Warehousing moves to the cloud we see yet another evolution and step towards simplifying the delivery of business analytics for our clients.   IBM has been focused on capturing the enterprise data warehouse experience in the cloud by combining the best of our on-premise technology in a highly consumable cloud offering supporting both cloud and hybrid ground to cloud deployments.   Simple, powerful, agile and yes, secure! 

Now, not only does self service become possible, it becomes simple.  Analytic portability between on-premises and cloud is now possible so you can develop & analyze in the cloud and move to on-premise or the opposite.  And you do not need to sacrifice performance for simplicity because IBM’s solution allows you to leverage in-database capabilities with the power of in-memory in a secure, agile solution.

Sound too good to be true?

Attend the Data Warehouse Spotlight and hear about these shifts in data warehouse services in the cloud along with the latest improvements with our on-premises solutions as well.  The session will cover our latest in Data Warehousing Cloud solutions, data warehouse appliances and super-fast in-memory technology.

Join us for the Insight session #4857 and find out how IBM is changing the client experience for data warehouse services.  We will cover exciting new announcements 

More details about the session:

About Nancy,

Nancy Hensley has been in the data warehousing and BI industry for over 19 years. Nancy worked in the early days of enterprise data warehousing, spatial warehousing and executive reporting as a customer in a Fortune 50 company and joined IBM in 1999. In 2004, Nancy lead the team that brought the first IBM data warehouse appliance to market. From her position leading the data warehouse architect team in the field, Nancy moved into the development organization focusing on data warehouse solutions and database technology. Today Nancy works in product marketing and strategy for IBM data warehouse solutions. You can follow Nancy on Twitter @nancykoppdw.


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