Data Warehousing – A History of Disruptive Technology

Summary of a blog post by Adam Ronthal, Technical Product Marketing & Strategy, Big Data, Cloud, and Appliances, IBM

Cloud is changing the economics of deploying warehousing and analytic environments while introducing new levels of agility. 

Disruptive technologies fundamentally change the way we think about doing things — either because they represent a shift in efficiency, a shift in economics, or ideally, both.  This is what Netezza did in 2003, with its first true data warehouse appliance that dramatically reduced complexity.  Other vendors rapidly followed suit, and the industry was changed forever.  This disruptive appliance technology defined the “new normal” for data warehousing.

And now, Cloud represents the next wave in disruptive technology because it again dramatically reduces complexity in a variety of ways that will fundamentally change the economics of data warehousing. 

Learn more about cloud-based data warehousing in Adam’s full blog post

About Adam, 

Adam Ronthal has more than 20 years of experience in technical operations, system administration, and data warehousing and analytics. An IBMer, he is currently involved in Big Data & Cloud Strategy. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @ARonthal.



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