Operational Warehousing can be of great business benefit, be agile, and stands the test of time if you do it Right!

By Phil Downey,

Today’s businesses are demanding more from  Reporting, Analytics and Warehousing, no longer is there a perception that end of month, week or even day is good enough, as businesses become increasingly savvy on how to gain competitive advantage and operational efficiency, by more closely monitoring, managing and acting on information as it becomes available.

Changes in the way businesses invest in IT mean it is no longer sustainable to take a “Build it and they will come” approach to Warehousing, in fact this has proven to be a route to failure. The most successful Operational Warehouses actually started small and modest, and over time have grown based on business justification and demand for more reporting and analytics as the warehouse proves its value to the business.

The main characteristic of a successful Operational Warehouse is how it is designed and managed to adapt to business change, as new applications, timeliness of data ingestion rates, frequency and volume as well as the ever changing mixed workloads are generated, by diverse range of users from Management, business analysts and indeed business applications themselves such as fraud and CRM applications that rely current and historical data to be available 24 by 7.

That said the technology underneath Operational Data Warehouses have to roll with the times. Some of the most successful warehouses out there that started on the original DB2 Shared Nothing SP clusters of the 90’s, that over the years have adapted to changing technology and thus remained relevant and successful. These warehouses today handle demands that have grown from modest starts, to today with 1000’s of users & many different business applications and schema that are accessed and data ingested 24 by 7.

What I have learnt by visiting and working with these successful operational warehouse customers is that having a clear mission, vision, business benefit alignment and management process is key to success. In addition focusing on incremental modest goals that are business aligned.  This can only be achieved by business and IT teaming and collaboratively working together.

Servicing business agility is also a key attribute for operational warehousing success, as with all businesses, changes in direction due to market forces, business focus and regulatory requirements can necessitate quick action. Therefore the ability of the business and IT teams as well as the platform itself to react in the time necessary is very important.

Another key factor in successful operational warehousing is picking the right technology partners to work with as you constantly evolve the warehouse and adopt new technologies, that are relevant to achieving your business goals in a cost effective incremental manner.

IBM and DB2 have stood the test of time and continue to innovate and raise the business service level bar with cutting edge technology including our latest innovations such as BLU acceleration, as well as DB2’s ability to adapt and support the latest in hardware  architectures. This brings down the cost of Operational Warehousing while at the same time increasing the agility and simplicity of delivering these systems.

To know more, join my session at IBM Insight 2014.

My Session Details :

  • Title : Enterprise Operational Data Warehousing in the Big Data Age : A User Case Study
  • Session ID : IWM-6257
  • Track : Data Warehousing
  • Sub Track : Data Warehouse Modernization and Architecture
  • Speaker : Phil Downey, IBM, Program Director DB2 Product Management; UBS (TBD)
  • IBM Insight 2014 registration Link : http://www-01.ibm.com/software/events/insight/

Looking forward to seeing you at IBM Insight 2014.

About Phil Downey,

Phil Downey is the World Wide Program Director of DB2 LUW for IBM.  Phil has 20 years experience in Database applications, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence working with customers across Europe, Asia and North America. Phil has spent the Last 8 years working in IBM WW Product team  in the areas of Product Marketing, Strategy and Management across the DB2 portfolio.


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